Insulated Tilt-up


The ECO-Block panel can be easily added to tilt-up wall or mid-floor slab assemblies during the forming/placing process. Using the panels in tilt-up construction is the economical solution for high performance insulation and sound control (complete with furring/strapping on 200 mm centers). The versatility of the ECO-Block panel system insures that the design and performance objectives of the tilt-up structure will be achieved.

The flexible ECO-Block panel can be used in three different tilt-up wall assemblies. It will increase the Thermal Performance and Sound Transmission Classification, while reducing the construction time and cost on most tilt-up structures.


Interior Wet Set: ECO-Block panels can be “wet set” on the concrete tilt-up wall panel, after concrete has been placed. This provides insulation and “nailing strips” on the interior of the building after the tilt-up panels have been erected. In addition, this method saves the labour needed to “finish” the interior concrete surface. The nailing strips are available for immediate use. Installing wiring and plumbing is also made easier.


Exterior Insulation: ECO-Block panels may also be placed on the tilt-up forms, prior to placement of steel and concrete. Having the panels on the exterior of the building increases the thermal performance of the assembly by a magnitude of 0.5 over insulating the interior surface of the tilt-up panel. In addition, having the ECO-Block panels on the exterior of the structure allows for the immediate application of various stucco finishes. This reduces the amount of time needed for completion. The 100 mm connectors can be used to support the rebar instead of rebar chairs.


Combination Method: The third method is to combine both of the previous mentioned assemblies by laying the ECO-Block panels within the tilt-up forms, placing the concrete and then”wet setting” panels on top. This assembly will result in a structure that is ready for stucco on the exterior and wallboard on the interior.  The STC and Thermal performance of this assembly will equal that of a standard ECO-Block constructed wall.


ECO-Block wall systems are different from other Insulated wall systems which sandwich the polystyrene between two layers of concrete that are expanding and contracting at different rates. This does not happen with ECO-Block. ECO-Blocks Insulated Tilt-up walls can be cast in taller sections for greater speed of construction.